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Uncanny Forest by prettyrockdesigns Uncanny Forest by prettyrockdesigns
Microscope view of native copper in matrix, which makes a beautiful and intricate abstract image. I can see an eldrich forest of darkness and unearthly light, populated by strange creatures with spindly limbs - what can you see? It's all natural stone.
Heleanor1 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can see rather alot more in this polished block reflected ligh micrograph, there is alot more going on here than people realise when they see one.

The textures you see are describing the history of the rock, its periods of growth within a superheated fluid and remelting where your "strange spindly creatures" were formed afterwards, depositing themselves on the existing blue crystals.

I am a little confused though, copper usually looked bright yellowy copper under reflected light, and I wonder if perhaps the copper surface had developed an oxide layer which lends the blue colour to the specimen.

The matrix looks light enough in cream colour to be pyrite. There is a slightly lighter area on the middle left side within one of the large blue crystals, and several medium tan sploges which may be chalcopyrite or possiblly reflected Sphalerite.

A lovely specimen prettyrockdesigns, and they always do make such wonderful mini universes under the microscope. I used to get loads of these little blocks from the draws in the geology lab at university and stare at them down the microscope for hours.

When you have to analyse one of these you have to draw what you see and then describe it in a report. I loved this bit, but spent Wayyyyyy too much time on the pictures of these. You are quite right... a blue forest within which live slim creatures who live on hot water and sulphur.

Thank you for sharing your impression of this rock.

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July 13, 2012
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